Below are comments left by fans of 'Tattoos: A Scarred History'.

Abotheras: Love the trailer!!! was just wondering if u could plz tell me when it comes out and if i can get it in Australia?? Thanks

ScreamTilUPee: One of the bizzarest trailers I've ever seen! Why would anyone want to tattoo their cock?!

wrexhamlager: looks very interesting, very shocking apparantly!

Cenasucks1977: Great trailer & love David Carradine. Is it available to buy in the USA?

sunnym33: OMG! Check out the dragon cock! Well made, shocking whilst still maintaining aesthetic integrity. Well done guys, will make sure to check out the full feature!

welshinnz: Heard loads about this. .. Fab trailer, quite shocking but def want to see more!!

balboaisking: Like the look of this film. Checked it out on many celebrities??

jimmycricketer2009: Cool trailer

deathtocabbage: GREAT trailer. I love tattoos and have 6. I for one have been waiting ages to see this film since I read about about it.

Norfolkngood: Looks really Great ..cant wait to see the full film. And fantastic music from one of my fave bands Leather Zoo!!

Debbie2009: Don't have a tattoo myself, but feel compelled to see the rest of this film, looks pretty sadistic, but intrigued to see more. Please let us know where I can see more.

MrsTuck11: Fab, so can't wait till its out i for one will deff be seeing it

pedarhulio: That looks like a must watch when it comes out. Good to see some fresh and interesting topics making it out there!

LittleVoice74: AWESOME!! Good luck with the film guys it' looks fantastic! Hope to see the full thing soon xxx

Henrysfilms123: Wow i cant wait for the film :)

devilmaycare2009: Sick but brilliant! Anyone know when it's out?

cazzmataz: Well done!!! looking goood! keep up the magical workings :)

supernaturalmyboys: wow fair play! looks really interesting. cant wait to see it when it comes out!

ElizaDoolittle: Disturbing and deranged spring to mind. I have no issue with tatoos and piercings, but everything in moderation. I did however laugh at the winged tallywacker, that was hilarious!

nephlin71: Nice trailer cant wait to see that. Pains good makes you feel alive. And it's all real no tinsel town effects

bitterbird: Why would you want to hamer nails into your head?why??

squeeth: sure would cause a splitting headache

jennyjennny: That is sick! Though I'm strangely wanting to watch the rest of the film!! What does that say about me?

rightsaidfred: Actually found it looked more interesting than shocking. Now Hostel is gross (and I don't mean the etap hotels)!!